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    Reliable by Design − Fueled by Innovation

    We are the market leader in providing “enabling” optical systems, vertically integrated from laser and optical components through system design, manufacturing, and metrology. We combine deep technical expertise with creative engineering teams who understand how to bring product ideas to market successfully for leading OEM customers worldwide.

    • Customer Need: We work in close collaboration throughout our process to deliver a solution that meets your requirements for performance, cost, and quality.
    • Engineering: Our seasoned design and development teams represent disciplines in laser physics, optical design, thin-film coating technology, mechanical and thermal management, electronics, software development, manufacturing, and quality engineering.
    • Prototype to Volume Production: Our engineering team works with you from concept through production support, resulting in systems that work the first time and can be directly transitioned to production.



    Imaging Solutions

    Get Exactly the Imaging Performance You Need

    We employ multiple lens assembly techniques, from our proprietary “Exact Placement” approach for the most demanding, sub-micron tolerance systems, to our new, state-of-the-art “Alignment Turning” capability for cost-effective, high-performance assemblies in higher volumes. These, combined with the implementation of unique solutions such as magneto-rheological finishing (MRF) post-processing and real-time, interferometrically controlled aberration compensation, ensure outstanding and consistent system-level performance.

    With proven results, we give you access to high-level engineering know-how that will help make every photon count in your system. As the pioneering experts in optical filters for life science, analytical instrumentation, and Point of Care applications, we have continually set the standards for advanced performance and reliability. Our unwavering commitment to quality and customer service allows us to consistently deliver much more than just filters.


    • Fully customized lens solutions at competitive prices
    • Diffraction-limited performance for high-NA, wide-FOV imaging and ultra-precise laser beam control systems
    • Superior quality and repeatability in volume production

    Optical Filters

    • Spectrally complex custom designs
    • Ability to produce 10’s of thousands of parts per month
    • Custom sizes down to 1 mm2 on 0.5 mm thick glass, and as large as 200 mm.

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    Element Centering Capability

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    Illumination Solutions

    Field-proven Beam-combining Solutions

    As experts in illumination delivery systems, we specialize in custom-tailored beam profiles that deliver the precise spot you need at the point of work, dramatically reducing system cost and complexity – and significantly improving system performance. To achieve this high level of precision and repeatability, we have become vertically integrated for close control of the most critical components while minimizing production lead-times. From in-house superpolishing capabilities to dedicated ion-beam sputtering (IBS) thin-film coating chambers for coating intracavity optics, we ensure high quality critical components for both prototype development and production platforms alike.

    Light Sources

    • Highly configurable platforms to quickly meet customer needs
    • Manufacturing verification via measurement of beam geometry at point of customer’s work
    • We put laser light where you want it and how you want it

    Our process includes extensive design validation including mechanical shock and vibration, thermal and humidity testing, regulatory approvals and certifications as appropriate to ensure robust and reliable performance.

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