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  • Find Your Optical Filters Guide

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Unsure if catalog, custom, or hybrid optical filters are right for your project? Explore our step-by-step guide to find the best Semrock optical filter for your application. Learn More

    Finding Your Filters - explore our step-by-step guide
  • Sputtered Thin-film Coatings

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Optical thin-film coatings can be deposited by a variety of methods. Traditionally the most popular methods for depositing multilayer coatings – required for higher-performance mirrors and filters – include thermal and electron-beam (e-beam) evaporation and ion-assisted e-beam evaporation (IAD). Learn more in this tech note. Learn More

  • Working with Optical Density

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Optical Density – or OD, as it is commonly called – is a convenient tool to describe the transmission of light through a highly blocking optical filter (when the transmission is extremely small). Learn More

    StopLine OD Graph
  • Notch Filters

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Notch filters are ideal for applications that require nearly complete rejection of a laser line while passing as much non-laser light as possible. The main drawback of standard thin-film notch filters has been a limited passband range due to the fundamental and higher-harmonic spectral stop bands. Learn More

    Notch Optical Filter Graph
  • RazorEdge and MaxLine are a Perfect Match

    By IDEX Health & Science

    The Semrock MaxLine and RazorEdge U-grade optical filters make an ideal filter pair for applications like Raman spectroscopy – they fit together like hand-in-glove. Learn More

    MaxLine and RazorEdge
  • Measurement of Optical Filter Spectra

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Due to limitations of standard metrology techniques, the measured spectral characteristics of thin-film interference filters are frequently not determined accurately, especially when there are steep and deep edges. Learn more about IDEX Health & Science | Semrock's solution to measure optical filter spectra. Learn More

    Figure 1
  • Pressure Relief Valve Instructions

    By IDEX Health & Science

    The Pressure Relief Valves and Pressure Relief Tee are supplied with Flangeless Fittings for 1/16” OD tubing.  Learn how to connect your tubing to the inlet and outlet of the valve tee using the included fitting and more. Learn More

  • Clinical Laboratory Fluidics Guide

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Unlock the full potential of your clinical laboratory platform by partnering with IDEX Health & Science to access cutting-edge fluidic technology and a team of dedicated experts to develop your optimal fluidic system. Learn More

    clinical lab platform
  • Finding the Right Dichroic Beamsplitter

    By IDEX Health & Science

    IDEX Health & Science makes a wide variety of 45º dichroic beamsplitters optimized for different purposes. Learn more about selecting the right dichroic beamsplitter. Learn More

    Dichroic Beamsplitter
  • BioTight™ Fitting Guide

    By IDEX Health & Science

    With its quick and simple press-fit design, BioTight™ is as straightforward to assemble as it is to use. Download our new guide to view its benefits and operating instructions. Learn More

    BioTight guide thumbnail