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  • Visit us at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Annual Conference

    May 16, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

    IDEX Health & Science will be attending the ASMS annual conference June 4th - 8th in Houston, Texas. Visit us at booth #824 to learn about our newest capabilities and innovative fluidic products that will simplify your complex workflow challenges.
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    Visit us at the ASMS conference June 4-8 in Houston, Texas
  • Reduce Downtime and Move Fluids Precisely with Pumps from IDEX Health & Science

    Apr 14, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

    We manufacture high-precision motorized pistons and pumps with a unique combination of materials, designs, and manufacturing processes that provide you with a reliable and precise fluid actuator. Learn more about our precision pumps.
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    long-life precision pumps for fluidic system
  • Proteomics and Biomarkers are Key to Better Medical Treatments

    Feb 27, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

    Proteomics and biomarkers are key to more effective medical treatment plans. Learn how they work together to yield critical insights into diseases.
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    Proteomics and Biomarkers
  • Importance of Degassing Fluids

    Feb 7, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science
    Degassers avoid inaccurate sampling, maintain throughput and reduce errors by removing dissolved gases – even across complex fluid systems – before they outgas into bubbles. Utilizing degassing in your fluidic path is essential for consistent and accurate results.
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  • What Goes Where in an HPLC System

    Jan 25, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

    Of course, fittings are standard items used to connect the components together, using tubing as the flow path bridge between components. Yet, one of the most commonly-asked questions regarding fittings is, “Where do all these fittings go in my system?” In other words, how do I know what to use and where? One common way to distinguish between fittings is by classifying them based on the pressure they can hold. This narrows the fittings choice based on where in the system they will be used. Learn what goes where in an HPLC system.
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    what goes where in an HPLC system
  • Hex-Head, Wrench-Flat to Knurled: How to Tighten Fittings

    Dec 1, 2022 by IDEX Health & Science

    Fittings are described by more than just their threads. Another major factor that helps determine what nut to use is the geometry of the head. Learn how to properly tighten the nut.
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    head geometry of fittings
  • Proteomics Versus Genomics

    Aug 30, 2022 by IDEX Health & Science

    What is proteomics and how does it differ from genomics? This post will discuss the definitions of proteomics and genomics, how they differ, and how life science applications are benefiting from this new approach to protein analysis.
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    what's the difference between proteomics and genomics?
  • Void, Dead, and Swept – an Interesting Concept

    Jul 26, 2022 by IDEX Health & Science

    Often, when making connections, people want more information on the amount of “dead volume” in the connection. However, most people who inquire about the dead volume are really wanting to know just how much internal volume exists within a connection, not how much of that internal volume is considered “dead.”
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    Void, Dead, and Swept Volume
  • If Your Fittings Leak

    May 13, 2022 by IDEX Health & Science

    No one wants leaks in their fluidic flow path. Leaks can cause bubbles, low pressure or no pressure and loss of fluid. All of these things can compromise you flow path and results. Check out these 6 tips if your fittings leak
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    What to do if your fittings leak
  • Plastic or Metallic: Which One Do I Choose For A Fitting?

    Apr 21, 2022 by IDEX Health & Science

    Fluidic Tip - Plastic or metallic fittings? View our reference guide on which one to choose to optimize your fluidics path.
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    Plastic or Metallic Fittings?