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  • Five Common Challenges with Biopharmaceutical Process Analytical Testing

    Jun 2, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

    IDEX Health & Science experts explain how our unique capabilities and expertise can turn your challenges into solutions to help you build your biopharmaceutical analytical testing platforms.
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    Five Common Challenges with Biopharmaceutical Process Analytical Testing
  • Proteomics and Biomarkers are Key to Better Medical Treatments

    Feb 27, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

    Proteomics and biomarkers are key to more effective medical treatment plans. Learn how they work together to yield critical insights into diseases.
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    Proteomics and Biomarkers
  • 2020 Innovations: Making Scientist’s Life Easy During the Pandemic

    Feb 10, 2021 by IDEX Health & Science

    In today’s fast-paced market, innovation to enable the latest industry trends is the key to success. Throughout 2020, our research and development team continued to focus on developing new, best-in-class fluidic products to meet your needs. The following new products were developed with a priority to simplify ease-of-use and instrument integration.
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  • Diagnostic Testing Kits Require High-Precision Dispensing

    Aug 12, 2020 by IDEX Health & Science
    As diagnostic testing kits are designed to make test procedures as straightforward and robust as possible, point-of-care solutions have become increasingly common. This allows for increased compliance and more frequent testing results to keep individuals healthy. As we fight this coronavirus pandemic, an easy-to-use test would be highly desirable for COVID-19, given the immense pressures on the healthcare system.
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  • How We Help Forecast the COVID-19 “Cytokine Storm”

    Jul 7, 2020 by IDEX Health & Science

    Until there is a vaccine or anti-viral medications for COVID-19, the treatment for hospitalized patients is to help alleviate their symptoms. One of the most severe and potentially life threatening symptoms of the COVID-19 virus is known as the cytokine release syndrome, or “cytokine storm.” This is when an infected patient’s immune system is induced to go into overdrive to attack the viral infection. The immune system can become uncontrolled and lead to multiple organ failure, which can be fatal.
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  • IDEX Health & Science Helping to Battle the COVID-19 Virus

    Apr 24, 2020 by IDEX Health & Science

    IDEX Health & Science works with many diagnostic companies around the world who are creating new PCR assays and instrument platforms to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.
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  • Sample-to-Answer Solutions for Point-of-Care Applications

    Jun 10, 2019 by IDEX Health & Science

    The healthcare provider experience is constantly evolving as new diagnostic technologies are released that can provide more timely health status information at the point-of-care. What enables this technology to advance? The answer is Microfluidics.
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