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Diagnostic Testing Kits Require High-Precision Dispensing

Aug 12, 2020 by IDEX Health & Science

As diagnostic testing kits are designed to make test procedures as straightforward and robust as possible, point-of-care solutions have become increasingly common. This allows for increased compliance and more frequent testing results to keep individuals healthy. As we fight this coronavirus pandemic, an easy-to-use test would be highly desirable for COVID-19, given the immense pressures on the healthcare system.

In order for these self-test kits to provide reliable results, the dosing and dispensing of reagents needs to be highly precise. Regardless of how carefully the fluidic path is designed, or which technology is used for the dispensing, dissolved gasses present a major challenge by readily forming microbubbles when there is a temperature differential between the solvent and the reagent in the fluidic system.

Review a validation experiment we conducted to test the dispensing of 1200 portions of water without degassing versus a dispensing sampling of 800 portions of water with proper in-line degassing. It illustrates how proper degassing can not only avoid significant anomalies in data and dispensing of diagnostic kits but can also increase the overall productivity with accuracy and repeatability.

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