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The following patents have been granted to employees of IDEX Health & Science, LLC.

9381449Carbon Nanotube Composite MembraneUnited States
9388930Disk Check Valve ConstructionUnited States
9388908Rotary Shear Valve Assembly With Hard-On-Hard Seal SurfacesUnited States
7399345Capillary Flow Restrictor ApparatusUnited States
9403121Carbon Nanotube Composite MembraneUnited States
8238042Reflective Axicon Systems and MethodUnited States
8238389Temperature Control System for Optimizing a Frequency Converted Diode LaserUnited States
9413130Optical SystemsUnited States
9421545Valve Assembly with Multiple Radial Grooves to Enable Individual or Combined FlowsUnited States
9423622Glass Block Dichroic BeamsplittersUnited States
2539616Multi-Position Micro-Fluidic Valve SystemUnited States
8250723System and Method for Mounting Lens in CellsUnited States
9434145Dichroic Filter Conformed to Optical SurfaceUnited States
8261773Multi-Position Micro-Fluidic Valve System with Removable Encoder Assembly Micro-Fluidic Valve Actuator Assembly and Encoder AssemblyUnited States
7427312Integrated Degasser and DebubblerUnited States
9457504Connector with Structural Reinforcement and Biocompatible Fluid PassagewayUnited States
8300313Optical Transmission Filter with Extended Out-of-Band BlockingUnited States
5534950High resolution image projection system and method employing lasers United States
5574740Deep blue microlaserUnited States
5700076Laser illuminated image producing system and method of using same United States
5704700Laser illuminated image producing system and method of using same United States
5708672Dual wavelength solid state laserUnited States
5751751Deep blue microlaser United States
5761227Efficient frequency-converted laserUnited States
5771324Polarization-preserving fiber optic assembly United States
5796766Optically transparent heat sink for longitudinally cooling an element in a laserUnited States
5802086Single cavity solid state laser with intracavity optical frequency mixing United States
5990983High resolution image projection system and method employing lasersUnited States
6101201Solid state laser with longitudinal coolingUnited States
6154259Multi-beam laser scanning display system with speckle elimination United States
6389043Efficient frequency-converted laser with single beam outputUnited States
6724787Low noise solid state laser United States
7065109Laser with narrow bandwidth antireflection filter for frequency selectionUnited States
7197059Short wavelength diode-pumped solid-state laser United States
7230778Sliding track for optical apparatusUnited States
7646546Anamorphic optical system providing a highly polarized laser output United States
7869133Anamorphic optical system providing a highly polarized laser output United States
7899105Temperature control system for a frequency converted diode laserUnited States
7903706Compact, thermally stable multi-laser engineUnited States
8059327Variable spectral filter apparatusUnited States
8441710Tunable thin-film filterUnited States
8508849Multiphoton fluorescence filtersUnited States
8851768Shutter with power-free blade returnUnited States
8879150Optical thin-film polarizing bandpass filterUnited States
8956059Shutter with power-free magnetic detentUnited States
8958156Interference filter for non-zero angle of incidence spectroscopyUnited States
8975572Compact, thermally stable fiber-optic array mountable to flow cell United States
9014224Compact, thermally stable multi-laser engineUnited States
9019606Multilayer thin film attenuatorsUnited States
9057882Multilayer thin film attenuatorsUnited States
9274329Shutter with blade dampingUnited States
9281733Shutter with bistable actuator having power-free magnetic blade returnUnited States
9304237Tunable band-pass filterUnited States
9354370Optical thin-film notch filter with very wide pass band regionsUnited States
9547178Dichroic image splitterUnited States
9851553Shutter with linear actuatorUnited States
9857511Interference filter for non-zero angle of incidence spectroscopyUnited States
10114213Laser systems and optical devices for laser beam shapingUnited States