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Sample-to-Answer Solutions for Point-of-Care Applications

Jun 10, 2019 by IDEX Health & Science

The healthcare provider experience is constantly evolving as new diagnostic technologies are released that can provide more timely health status information at the point-of-care. What enables this technology to advance? The answer is Microfluidics.

The manipulation of small volumes of liquids, plus the ability to perform all assay steps, including sample preparation, reaction, separation, and detection, together on one device, can create an all-in-one Sample-to-Answer solution. If a point-of-care device can perform all of these assay steps at once with precision, this can enhance early detection of diseases and patient monitoring. This is a great advantage, but, the next challenge is how to minimize size, reduce cost, and simplify workflows. Especially when relying upon a mix of vendors and components that weren’t designed together or designed by experts with deep life science consumables knowledge.

As the world’s largest OEM partner for integrated microfluidic consumables, we have the technology, know-how, and experience to design for these challenges from the very beginning. From CAD to prototype, and from pilot to mass-production, we look to de-risk your development, allowing you to focus on achieving results.

Discover how our microfluidic solutions can enable the optimization of your optofluidic pathways in our Microfluidics Brochure.