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  • Flangeless Fitting System Connection Guide

    By IDEX Health & Science

    The Flangeless Fittings system is designed to connect tubing into any appropriately-threaded flat-bottom receiving port. Use this guide to connect your fluidic path. Learn More

  • New Product Development Strategies

    By IDEX Health & Science

    New Product Development plays a pivotal role as the major driving force of organic business growth, but to add new products and services to their range of offerings, companies must make improvements to their infrastructure. In this white paper, learn about the importance of new product innovation, different process methods, and best practices for optimizing your company’s strengths to help you get to market faster. Learn More

    product development strategies white paper thumbnail
  • Advanced Spectral Measurement Systems and Semrock Optical Filters

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Learn more about the features of the proprietary tools developed by IDEX Health & Science, including the established Peregrine and the new KolaDeep™ Spectral Measurement Systems in this white paper. Learn More

    KolaDeep White Paper thumbnail
  • 2023 Semrock Optical Filters Catalog

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Our engineers and product management teams have collaborated to provide you with the Semrock Master Catalog from IDEX Health & Science. With proven results, we give you access to high-level engineering that will help make every photon count in your system. Learn More

    2023 Semrock Catalog thumbnail
  • Understanding and Testing Fluid Flow for Custom Valve Design

    By IDEX Health & Science

    There are many factors taken into consideration during the development of a valve design. Prototyping the complex geometries of valve stators can be expensive and time-consuming but with the use of simulation tools, we can iterate multiple designs quickly and select the most desirable solutions before the first parts are manufactured. Learn More

    custom valve design white paper thumbnail
  • Selecting Filters for Fluorescence Multiplexing

    By IDEX Health & Science

    The steady advances in optical thin film deposition technology over recent decades have enabled production of high performance multiband optical filters that address the increasing demand for multicolor fluorescence instrumentation. Though there is now a wide range of available catalog filters designed for a large variety of fluorophores, selecting suitable filters is often a complex process. Here we present considerations relevant to the design of such a multiplexing system. Learn More

    multiplexing white paper thumbnail
  • Maximizing the Performance of Advanced Microscopes by Controlling Wavefront Error Using Optical Filters

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Any imaging instrument has a limited tolerance for wavefront error – and every optical element in the light path (including dichroic beamsplitters) contributes to wavefront error, thereby limiting overall imaging system performance. When aiming to achieve diffraction-limited imaging performance or better, it is important to consider wavefront errors from all optical elements in order to calculate the total instrument wavefront error, and to compare it to the maximum allowable value. Learn more in this white paper. Learn More

    control wavefront error using optical filters white paper thumbnail
  • Tubing Cutter How-To-Guide

    By IDEX Health & Science

    The IDEX Health & Science Polymeric Tubing Cutter is designed to work on all types of polymeric tubing, including Teflon®, Tefzel®, and PEEK™ polymers. It is engineered with guide holes for both 1/16" and 1/8" outer diameter (OD) tubing, to ensure a flat, even tubing cut. Use this how-to-guide for best practices to score and snap a piece of polymeric tubing, as well as, how to replace the blade on the unit. Learn More

    polymer tubing cutter
  • Filter Spectra at Non-normal Angles of Incidence

    By IDEX Health & Science

    While most applications call for optical filters to be used at normal incidence, it is important to understand how the spectral properties of different types of filters change when using these filters a non-normal angles of incidence (AOI). There are two main effects exhibited by all filter spectrum as the angle is increased from normal which are discussed in this article. Learn More

    Filter Spectra
  • Comprehensive Guide to Check Valves: A Critical Component of HPLC Pumps

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Check valves are critical to HPLC pump performance, as they prevent any backflow and ensure maximum pumping efficiency. Discover critical elements related to the functional performance of a check valve and ultimately the overall chromatography results. Learn More

    Check Valve Guide White Paper thumbnail image