Large Bore Bottom-of-the-Bottle Solvent Filter

by IDEX Health & Science

Instructions For Use

  1. To attach the flow path tubing to the Filter, first slide the appropriate Flangeless Nut and Ferrule over the tubing, ensuring the tapered end of the Ferrule faces the Nut.

  2. Please Note: Make sure the tubing protrudes well past the Ferrule, as proper installation requires the flow path tubing to extend into the Filter Cup’s internal cavity.

  3. Insert the tubing past the Filter’s thru-hole, until it nearly contacts the bottom inner surface of the Filter Cup.
  4. While holding the tubing in place, tighten the Nut and Ferrule into the Filter, finger tight. It is now ready for use.
  5. To replace the Filter, simply loosen the Nut and remove the flow path tubing from the old unit and attach it to a new Filter, following Steps 2 and 3, above
Large Bore Bottom of the Bottle Solvent Filter by IDEX Health & Science