Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometry is a powerful technique that leverages the mass-to-charge ratio of ions to separate, quantify, and identify complex analytes. Although the technique is well established, mass spectrometry instrumentation continues to improve in terms of resolution, dynamic range, functionality, and usability. As a result, mass spectrometry is being adopted for routine analysis in industrial, life science, and biopharma industries.

IDEX Health & Science is committed to solving critical challenges in mass spectrometry workflows to promote continued proliferation of this technique in the highest-demand applications such as proteomics, bioprocessing, and clinical diagnostics. Our mission is to help mass spectrometry OEMs streamline their workflows to enable their users to solve the most pressing scientific challenges. This is possible by combining our portfolio of class-leading fluidic components and our deep fluidics and mass spectrometry expertise.

Examples of IDEX Health & Science capabilities for integration into mass spectrometry systems:

  • Automated calibration systems
  • Automated chromatographic separations
  • Automated inline magnetic bead sample prep systems
  • Automated inline dilution and filtration for small molecule analysis of biological samples
  • Subsystems for clinical applications
  • Online solutions for bioprocess PAT
  • Complete biocompatible flow paths
  • Plug and play consumables and reagent modules
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