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Enhance Research with Devices that Simulate Entire Organs and Organ Systems

Organ-on-a-Chip Devices are simulations of entire organs or organ systems on a microfluidic cell culture chip. The use of organ-on-chip devices in pharma research is meant to enhance the transfer of pre-clinical results into the clinical phase. This expedites development and saves costs. Another advantage is the reduced need for animal testing and the possibility to study side effects on different organs when the chip is laid out to represent a whole organ system.
Deriving from lab-on-a-chip technology, organ-on-chip devices are the meeting point of microfluidics and human cell biology. Cells and tissues need to be cultured in a 3-dimensional microfluidic structure enhancing growth rate and forming patterns simulating the targeted organ systems. When designing an organ-on-a-chip device the surface effects need to be thoroughly considered together with the fact that mixing in microfluidic dimensions is challenging when trying to mimic real-life environments.
We have the expertise and technology to collaborate with customers to develop sophisticated organ-on-a-chip devices and take care of all microfluidic considerations needed. Our capabilities to manufacture and combine plastic, glass, reagent, and detection components is unrivaled by others in the life science community. We are proud to state that we are capable of mass producing microfluidic organ-on-a-chip devices in unmatched accuracy and precision in micrometer range along with the required surface structures.

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