new IDEX Health & Science sample prep technology

Inline Automated Magnetic Bead Sample Preparation

Problem: Magnetic bead sample prep offers great selectivity for isolating analytes in complex matrices and offers diverse chemistries for wide-ranging applications, but it’s often a manual process that leaves room for error.

Solution: IDEX Health & Science developed a new inline automated magnetic bead-based sample preparation workflow for LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry) that is compact, self-contained, hands-off, and improves separation performance. This capability enables complete walkaway operation previously only achievable using high-end robotics.

Benefits of the IDEX Health & Science Inline Automated Magnetic Bead Sample Preparation Workflow:

  • Ideal for applications with 10 -100 sample per day throughput
  • Eliminates human error by automating manual tasks
  • Enables ease of use and improves walkaway time
  • Completely pipette free
  • Seamlessly integrated into OEM product ecosystems
  • Simple, reliable, and serviceable

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