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Unique Challenges in Assay Automation

Designing a fluidic system can be a complex puzzle. IDEX Health & Science enables you to connect the pieces.

Designing a reliable, complex fluidic instrument presents many challenges. Assays that utilize expensive reagents have the obstacle of reducing reagent waste, minimizing cost, and maintaining uptime. To conserve reagents, a discretional reduction of the fluidic channel may be applied, but this can yield unintended engineering consequences, including variation in backpressure, increased cycle time, air intrusion, and outgassing.

Overall instrument reliability suffers when your manufacturer makes errors in component tolerance calculations. If channel tolerances are not properly managed in the instrument design, the system will be challenged to move fluid. Each component should be considered carefully to ensure optimized performance. A mismatch between the inner diameters of the manifold, valving, tubing, sensors, or connections negatively impacts instrument reliability and performance.

IDEX Health & Science understands your concerns and is uniquely positioned to minimize your risk and accelerate your timeline to market. Through consistent precision manufacturing of components and assemblies, we remove unanticipated volume and pressure variability in your fluidic system.

IDEX Health & Science optimized backpressure ranges graph

Variable backpressure seen with industry standard manufacturing practices graph

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