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Enhance Your Flow Cytometry Fluidic Instruments

As flow cytometry technology has advanced over the years, leading industry instrument manufacturers come to us for our ability to provide precision fluidic delivery systems, designed to handle several reagents and samples with precise repeatability and accuracy.

IDEX Health & Science’s technical expertise in flow cells, microfluidics, valves, pumps, optical filters, sensors, and optical illumination assemblies makes us the ideal partner for developing flow cytometry instruments.

With high-performance flow cytometers moving toward multiple lasers and detection channels at both visible and near-IR wavelengths, having the right optical filters is essential to discriminating between more fluorophores more completely. Discover how Semrock optical filters can help you achieve better sensitivity with the highest transmission of any filters on the market.

Examples of IDEX Health & Science capabilities for integration into flow cytometry systems

  • Fully customizable valves streamline your flow path. With a custom-designed valve from IDEX Health & Science, you can precisely distribute fluid across your system.
  • Inline pressure sensors to monitor the pressure throughout your instrumentation to ensure proper hydrodynamic focusing of fluids.
  • Ensure trouble-free operation with inline degassers. Eliminate the risk of outgassed reagents disturbing instrument precision or run quality by incorporating a degasser in reagent lines.

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