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Immunoassays quantify biomolecules such as proteins or antigens. Assays can also be multiplexed which means they simultaneously measure and detect multiple analytes from a single sample.

Microfluidics are an effective technology to simplify immunoassay workflows and move toward point-of-care diagnostics. Microfluidics offer several advantages to traditional immunoassay workflows:

  • Small volumes – samples and reagents
  • Large dynamic range, high performance sensitivity, and / or process samples in parallel on a single chip
  • Speed up the antibody-antigen binding reactions which can reduce assay time

IDEX Health & Science has extensive experience in developing microfluidics cartridges for immunoassays. We can integrate a variety of materials (e.g. silicon, glass, polymers) into cartridges that are capable of washing, mixing, and incubation with customized and adjustable fluidic scripting. With IDEX Health & Science microfluidics, the workflow is not locked into a single flow path and the customer can easily adjust scripting to alter a workflow without design change.

In addition, we can provide surface functionalization for immunocapture or blocking as well as lyophilized reagents for complete on-chip systems. Our history with glass suppliers and machining, lends to superior optical detection for immunoassay cartridges.

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