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Microfluidic Consumables

microfluidic consumables

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Producing low-cost, highly-accurate, and large-volume consumables for the life science and diagnostics markets is not an easy task. We aim to exceed your quality and reliability expectations, because we understand what’s at stake, recognizing that both critical research and patients rely on precise results at every level. The goal of most microfluidic systems is to achieve a higher degree of integration than otherwise possible, thereby reducing size and cost, as well as increasing workflow efficiency and/or analysis speed.

IDEX Health & Science has a proven history of enabling commercial success for OEMs within global life sciences markets. With decades of expertise in microfluidic design and manufacturing, we ensure your microfluidic consumable will comply with the strictest standards in reproducibility while achieving world-class performance. You can proceed to market quicker and with greater confidence to achieve your goals.

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