a complete UHPLC bioinert sample flowpath

Bioinert Suite of PEEK UHPLC Components for Bioseparations

Problem: UHPLC systems using bioinert materials in bioseparations are limited in resolution and throughput.

Traditional bioinert components cannot support the pressures required to achieve high throughput bioseparations. This can cause high stress in your system, and result in your components failing when subjected to UHPLC pressures.

Solution: IDEX Health & Science offers a suite of bioinert, metal-free UHPLC liquid chromatography products. When used together, they produce a complete bioinert sample flowpath ideal for LC systems and applications including biomolecule analysis, protein characterization, and proteomics.


IDEX Health & Science Suite of Bioinert Products

  • HPLC degassers
  • BioVersal™ sample loops
  • BioVersal™ valve
  • PEEK lined MarvelX™ and MarvelXACT™ connections
  • Bioinert column hardware

With our bioinert suite of PEEK components, you will have confidence in our expertise in developing bioinert systems to enhance your platforms and performance, specifically when running applications for biological analysis that include “sticky” biologics such as antibodies, IgA, and viral samples.

  • Better instrument performance in certain applications
  • Non-metal flow path
  • Retain sample integrity
  • Better reproducibility, higher quality data

IDEX Health & Science is the technology leader in bioinert UHPLC. By partnering with us, you will have confidence in our ability to provide cutting-edge technology for bioinert applications.

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