Introducing BioTight

BioTight—a Press-Fit Ferrule Fitting

A Tiny, But Mighty Fitting for Your Low-Pressure Fluidics

Problem: Do you struggle to source easy-to-use fittings suitable for low-pressure applications in confined spaces?

Solution: Meet BioTight from IDEX Health & Science—a new press-fit ferrule and lock ring combination fitting that is ideal for low-pressure fluidic applications.

The tiny, but mighty BioTight fitting checks many boxes

Ideal for tight spaces✅ Its tiny and low-profile design makes it a true finger-tight solution for tight spaces.
Versatile✅ View its many application uses below.
Easy-to-Use✅ Features a press-fit design—no need to set a high torque seal. Watch the video tutorial below.
Ideal for low-pressure applications✅ It thrives in low pressure applications reliably holding up to 100 psi for 1/8” and 200 psi for 1/16” tubing.
Metal-Free✅ It is made from all PEEK components for complete biocompatibility.
Consistent performance✅ Works with low torque to seal and sealing capability is insensitive to torque

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BioTight fitting split view

BioTight is ideal for low-pressure fluidic applications in bio markets including:

  • Genomics
  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • Spatial Biology
  • IVD Bio
  • Chromatography