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System Solutions — Case Study

Next-Generation Fluorescence-Based Life Science Instrument

The diagram below showcases a prototype developed for a next-generation fluorescence-based life science instrument

Multi-Wavelength LED & Laser Based Light Engine

  • High brightness multi-color illumination in a compact and fully integrated design
  • Customized beam shaping with highly uniform flat-top profile, speckle reducer
  • Outstanding reliability and power stability

Optimized Fluorescence Imaging

  • High-performance Semrock brand filters enable multi-color imaging with best sensitivity and spectral purity
  • Custom sizing, shaping edge blackening to fit any instrument design and performance requirement

Electromechanical Integration

  • Established partnerships with industry leaders for motion control, sensors, cameras, and in-house capability for control electronics
  • Developed high precision laser autofocus system with fast piezo stage to compensate for flow cell variations
  • Designed to image on next-gen large format camera

Full Product Qualification

  • Full control over the entire system with extensive end-to-end simulation and design validation
  • Wavefront characterization of the complete system at the operating wavelengths
  • Dedicated test station to measure “as-used” imaging quality and autofocus performance
  • Environmental and product reliability testing

Optomechanical Integration

  • Design-for-manufacturability with precision integrated system alignment
  • Robust and innovative adjustment mechanisms
  • Low-stress and ultra-stable optical mounts
  • Control of stray light, thermal sensitivity, resonant frequencies and mechanical stress
  • Upgradeability and compact footprint

Custom Objective Solution with Imaging Tube Lens

  • High-NA wide-FOV with diffraction limited resolution
  • Guaranteed performances over the entire FOV and all spectral bands, including extra low distortion and minimized variability between channels
  • Superior unit-to-unit repeatability
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