Fluidic Subsystems

Drive Fluidic Performance Through System Integration

Challenged with minimizing expensive reagent volumes while maintaining a cost effective, reliable platform? IDEX Health & Science Integrated Fluidic Subsystems provide unmatched system performance. Our superior design expertise enables instrument developers a reduction in fluidic complexity. Through vertical integration, our subsystem solutions mitigate risk to performance and minimize cost.

integrated fluidic system

manifold assemblies

Considering an integrated system approach to your instrument?

IDEX Health & Science integrated subsystems provide:

  • Precision controlled dimensions across full fluidic path
  • Cost effective solutions through vertical integration
  • Maintain performance with minimized reagent consumption
  • Risk mitigation through computational fluidic analysis
  • Design expertise enables rapid timeline from prototype to production
  • Completely customizable with the available options:
    • Valves (rotary and solenoid)
    • Sensors
    • Tubing, fittings, and probes
    • Degassers


Key Benefits:

  • Tested subsystems ensure you consistent fluidic performance in every instrument assembly
  • Vertical integration reduces manufacturing costs
  • Fully tested fluidic modules ready to integrate into your platform
  • Improved instrument assembly and field serviceability times (less fluidic connections and tubing)
  • Reduced total fluidic envelope, enabling a smaller instrument footprint
  • Enhanced system reliability by reducing leak points

Ready to get started?

Partner with us for your next custom manifold project.

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Features and components available for integration with manifold assemblies:

  • Valves: Solenoid, rotary shear valves
  • Pumps
  • Sensors: Pressure, temperature, conductivity
  • In-line degassers
  • Connections: Probes, tubing and fittings

Example Applications of a Fluidic Subsystem

As you move from a prototyping to full production, our quality guarantee ensures all your systems will have consistent fluidic performance, tested to your specification.

Below are some examples of how you can harness the power of manifold assemblies. Capabilities can be mixed and matched as needed, and can acts as a starting place for our partnership discussions.

Reagent Selection

manifold, valve, sipper probe fluidic system icon

  • Deliver many critical reagents with a high degree of volumetric accuracy
  • Up to 24 unique reagents per valve

Reagent Preparation

manifold and pump subsystem icon

  • Prepare critical reagents for delivery
  • Adjust concentration, temperature, and segmentation with a high degree of volumetric accuracy

Reagent Routing

routing of reagents icon

  • Aspirate, dispense, park and move reagents in a controlled manner
  • Integrate sensors and other hardware to monitor your most important reagents

Fluidic Control

control fluidics with a subsystem

  • Orchestrate complex fluidic movements with integrated pumps and valves
  • Manifold mounted degassers reduce flow variability and improve optical performance

Manifold Testing Capabilities

tolerances for each component in a subsystem

An instrument delivers more than the sum of its parts; this adage is also true for tolerances in design. Manifolds, tubing, fittings, valves, sensors, and degassers each have an inherent manufacturing tolerance. When combined in an instrument, the tolerance stack can be so great that the instrument suffers from significant variability in channel volume and back pressure.

At IDEX Health & Science we test beyond simple fluidic function, we test for a range of fluidic performance to ensure your assay will perform optimally. Testing includes, but is not limited to pressure decay, flow occlusions, pressure drop and mechanical actuation and tolerances of all integrated components. Contact us to learn more about how we ensure your instrument performance.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Modeling fluidic flow is essential when considering development costs and time to market. Without a preemptive and proactive fluidic analysis, the product development approach may run into several errors and unforeseen complications. Using computational fluid dynamic modeling, IDEX Health & Science offers instrument developers an option to analyze how their fluidics will operate before committing to expensive prototypes.

mechanical stress on complex flow path

Product Development Process

Through conception and prototyping to final production stages, we solve complex problems with you to advance your vision. We seamlessly bring your complex instrument designs to life through IDEXology and agile engineering, allowing you to design tomorrow’s technology today. Our more complex fluidic subsystems will include a dedicated Project Manager to ensure your project gets to market on time, with high quality and cost control.

Manufacturing & Quality

IDEX Health & Science ensures the quality of both new and existing product designs using Statistical Quality Control (SQC) methods to monitor our processes. We are committed to providing top-quality components and subassemblies. Our Operational Excellence includes six sigma, 5S and Lean Manufacturing Techniques. With routine audits and Continuous Improvement efforts we are committed to always delivering you a quality product.

Customer Testimonial

People choose IDEX Health & Science for their engineering expertise and high-quality manufacturing.” -Sr. Program Manager, emerging biotechnology company

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