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Microfluidics & Consumables

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Transforming the Understanding of Molecular Biology at the Genomic Scale

Since the completion of the human genome project in 2003, the cost of sequencing has significantly decreased, making it accessible to a large community of researchers. This has allowed Next-Generation sequencing to revolutionize the way genetic and molecular biology studies are conducted.

With its unique capabilities for handling small volumes of samples and multiplexing, Microfluidics is highly complementary to NGS technology enabling digital PCR, multiple displacement amplification, quasilinear amplification, or targeted sequencing.

IDEX Health & Science plays a significant role in the development of massive parallel sequencing platforms. From Sanger Sequencing to Sequencing-by-Synthesis to Single-Molecule-Sequencing – in close collaboration with our customers we develop imaging flow cells including the related linker and capture chemistries and microfluidic consumables like droplet generators.

Our experts are excited to team up with scientists and instrument developers to develop the next platforms for Next-Generation Sequencing technologies. We are also a leading supplier of glass and crystalline components to vertically integrated OEMs who prefer to use their own flow cell technology. Cleanliness plays a key role in flow cell manufacturing. Whether leveraging our state of the art cleaning facilities or our cleanrooms, we are capable of offering products with the surface qualities you require.

We draw upon a considerable range of technologies and capabilities to manufacture a full spectrum of flow cells, from large scale devices to microfluidics. Our years of flow cell experience results in innovative design guidance and cost effective manufacturing processes. Whether your application involves components for OEM instruments, production tooling, or consumables, we have the technology, know-how, and experience to design, prototype, and mass-produce flow cells and other microfluidic consumable such as droplet generators or sample splitters for your applications.

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