Melles Griot XPLAN CCG Lens Series - Fluorescence Microscope Imaging Systems

Melles Griot® XPLAN CCG Lens Series

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Struggling to keep up with the fast-paced world of Life Science discoveries and clinical development, where the need for cutting-edge instruments is constant?

Advancements in new Life Science technologies are rapidly changing the way we understand health and disease. These technologies allow scientists and researchers to study cause and effect of diseases and evolutions, come up with new diagnostics, drug targets and therapeutics by interrogating millions of targets at the cellular, sub-cellular, and molecular (DNA/RNA) levels at an unprecedented pace. Fluorescence microscopy plays a critical role in enabling the sub-micron imaging capabilities from Next Generation Sequencing, Next Generation Proteomics, and Spatial Biology instruments.

Moreover, since mission-critical activities at Life Science tool manufacturers are mostly focused on chemistry and biology, there is limited in-house optical engineering and manufacturing resources and capabilities to DIY or recognize the complexity of high precision (>0.5 high NA with large field of view (FOV)) fluorescence microscope systems until it is too late.

The demand for next-generation solutions, driving higher data and sample throughput, lower cost, and superior image quality for applications is at an all-time high. Yet, existing off-the-shelf microscopy solutions are still constrained to size and mounting requirements developed over a century ago.

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Custom lenses from a knowledgeable lens provider can fulfill these ever-increasing data capture needs, however not every program can accept the longer lead times and associated development costs.


IDEX Health & Science sets a new standard with our Melles Griot® XPLAN CCG Lens Series fluorescence microscope imaging systems.

Access superior-quality optics with off-the-shelf lead time. We enable the rapid development of breadboard instruments for Next Generation Sequencing, Proteomics, and Spatial Biology applications.

Melles Griot® XPLAN CCG Lens Series High-level Specifications

Mag / Part NumbersObjective NAMaximum Sensor Format
0.88 NA0.75 NA0.5 NA
Resolution (nm)381447671@550 nm emission wavelength
Max Field of View (mm)1.211.472.51 
145 mm Tube Lens14.50X
1.1" Sensor
200 mm Tube Lens19.94X
4/3" Sensor
291 mm Tube Lens29.00X
APS / Small Line Scan

*Available: 6-week lead time for order quantities of 1-3

** Available with 3-month lead time

*** Available in 3-6 months

Contact Sales for additional details or larger orders.

What sets our Melles Griot XPLAN CCG Lens Series apart?

Large Field of View

The field of view is up to four times existing off-the-shelf premium lenses, translating to high data throughput and faster run times.

large view of view

Perfect Field of View

It offers a 100% usable field of view out to the corners of your sensor compared to 10 to 40% on other mid-grade to premium lenses, meaning more usable data, fewer runs, and lower reagent costs.

Diffraction Limited Optics graph

Off-the-Shelf Lead Time with Custom Design Performance

In just six weeks, you can have custom lens design performance without the headaches, completing a breadboard design with high-precision optics and a quick time to market.

Development Budget Friendly

Our lens series gives you access to custom objective and tube lens solutions without upfront non-recurring engineering expenses.

Flexible Sample Cover Glass Options

A unique feature is the configurable cover glass (CCG) thickness. A one-time factory adjustment can be performed to optimize for cover glasses between 0.17mm and 1.1mm. This compares to having to choose between one thin cover glass, or a cumbersome correction collar adjustment.

lens diagram

Accelerate your development process by contacting us about this game-changing technology. The IDEX Health & Science Melles Griot XPLAN CCG Lens Series enables the next generation of life science tools design and manufacturing.

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