Replace Solenoid Valves with Custom Rotary Valves

evolve instrument platforms with customized rotary shear valves

For One Customer, this Resulted in Aspirating Patient Samples More Efficiently

Through strategic partnerships, we engineer innovative fluidic components and subassemblies that result in optimized optofluidic systems. Check out our customer case study below to see how partnership is the key to innovation for your fluidic systems.


Customer Requirement

Market leaders continue to innovate and evolve their instrument platforms, but using numerous solenoid valves and connections can put a system at risk by breaking up samples and working fluid in an undesirable way. One IDEX Health & Science customer needed our help to reduce fluid path complexity when aspirating patient samples.


Our design team worked collaboratively with the customer to reduce complexity by developing a custom rotary shear valve to replace many solenoid valves. Operating like a rotating manifold-on-manifold, our team helped to identify individual valve states for each configuration required in the instrument. We then designed custom valve groove options to achieve all the necessary valve states, reviewing trade-offs and options along the way. In parallel with comprehensive testing at IDEX Health & Science, our customer further tested rapid prototypes of various valve options to validate every improvement. The end result was a simpler system with greater capabilities, which allowed our customer to aspirate patient samples much more efficiently. Learn more in our Integrated Fluidic Subsystems Brochure.

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