Microfluidics & Consumables

Droplet-Based Applications

Reliable Precision for the Effective Use of Limited Materials

The precise generation and manipulation of micro droplets is key in applications like nucleic acid detection, imaging, drug delivery, and diagnostics. Droplet-based microfluidics enables very high throughput while working with small sample sizes, such as primary cells, patient’s biopsies, or expensive reagents. The formation of precise droplets enhances sensitivity and eliminates spurious background noise by discretizing the sample in droplet-sized entities.

The development of consumable microscale droplet generators requires high precision micro-channels at the lowest tolerances possible. IDEX Health & Science is an expert in designing and manufacturing of channels and droplet chambers to almost any needed channel size features. We are proud to state that IDEX Health & Science is capable in mass producing droplet microfluidics at channel tolerances of +/- 1µm. Over the past years together with our customers we developed droplet fluidic applications in cell culture incubation, protein crystallization, chemical synthesis PCR, and DNA Sequencing to name just a few.

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