Reduce Fluidic System Complexity with Manifolds

Streamline your complex reagent fluidics flow path with a custom IDEX Health & Science manifold. Our design team works with you to develop an optimized manifold for your unique fluidics system. IDEX Health & Science manifolds provide a more reliable, serviceable and consolidated fluid path, instilling confidence in the reliability of your instrument. The design possibilities are endless, with integration including tubing & fittings, probes, valving (rotary and solenoid), pumps, degassers, and sensors.

Considering whether a manifold is right for your flow path? IDEX Health & Science manifolds offer many benefits and capabilities.


Benefits of Partnering with IDEX Health & Science for Manifolds

  • Consistent fluidic performance in every instrument, every time
  • Enhanced system reliability
  • Reduced complexity and the number of leak points
  • Simplified installation and servicing
  • Simplified reagent flow paths by integrating multiple fluidic components into a unified fluidic system
  • Completely customizable
 Multilayer ManifoldsSingle Layer ManifoldsManifold-in-a-Week
ConstructionMultilayerSingle LayerN/A
MFG Process Application of heat, pressure, and time to molecularly bond material layers together.Drilled from outside of part to connect all flow pathsAdditive manufacturing
Typical Materials Acrylic (PMMA)
Ultem (PEI)
All Machinable PlasticsProprietary resins
Typical Track Width/Hole Diameter>0.020" (0.508 mm)
<0.118" (3 mm) Track
>0.020" (0.5 mm) Hole>0.03”
Track Configurations3D Curved
Straight (Drilled)3D Curved
Track Cross SectionsSquare Track
Round Track
"D" Track*
Round"D" Track*
Round Track
Square Track
Manifold Technology Selection GuidelinesBest fluid flow performance
Lowest carryover and unswept volumes Lowest dead volume
Lowest cost manifold solution
Offers the broadest range of material options
Best for small volume prototypes to test form, fit and basic function

* "D" tracks are shaped in the form of a letter "D". Channels will be curved at the bottom and flat at the top.

General Design Considerations:

  • Consult our engineering experts at the start of your project for application, design, and DFMA assistance.
  • When selecting materials consider fluid compatibility, functional performance requirements, environmental conditions, manufacturability, and cost.
  • Reduce part count by integrating as many discrete components on any manifold face that is accessible or a complete assembly replacement that offers “plug and play” modularity.

Typical application pressures less than 100 psi (7 bar)


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