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Machining of Plastic Manifolds for Life Sciences

Apr 3, 2024 by IDEX Health & Science

precision machined plastic manifolds

IDEX Health & Science offers high-quality plastic machined components for life science applications and instrumentation. Whether you are looking for a custom cross-drilled component, a larger diffusion bonded manifold, or anything in between, we can create a solution for you. Our quick prototyping and high-precision manufacturing ensure you get your system online without impacting your production schedule.

group of simplified manifolds

group of complex manifolds

Available Materials for Plastic Manifolds

Our machined manifolds can be made from a variety of polymers, including PEEK, PVC, Acrylic, Ultem, etc.

Diffusion bonded manifolds primarily use PMMA (acrylic) for a cost conscious, fully transparent manifold or PEI (Ultem) for applications requiring more aggressive reagents or high-temperature exposure.

Contact us to learn about the best plastic for your fluidic application, and how we can quickly turnaround a solution manifold for you.

We Offer Several Types of Plastic Machined Manifolds

Key Capabilities & Benefits of Our Plastic Manifolds

With over 60 years of experience making plastic manifolds, we’ve perfected machining and processing.

Down to 0.250 mm drilled features and
0.500 mm diameter bonded manifold channels
Efficient consumption of reagents
0.005 mm machining tolerancing
0.125 mm channel tolerances
Consistent fluidic performance in every instrument, every time
 Square, round, and “D”* channelsMaximize fully swept fluid paths
 16 µin channel surface roughnessMinimize reagent carryover and enable channel visibility
 < 20 µin external surface finishPristine surface finish for optical clarity and component sealing
 60+ years of DFM experienceCompletely customizable & designed for cost savings

Our Manifolds are Ideal for Life Science Applications

Questions about which machined manifold to use, or ready to get started?

Contact us today to speak with an expert about your fluidics platform needs.

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