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Multiplexed Molecular Assays

Reduce Workflow and Sample Volume Limitations

Multiplexed assays, including nucleic acid detection and immunoassays, combine assays for many target analytes in a single reaction volume, reducing workflow and sample volume limitations. When detecting similar analytes, cross reactions can have a negative impact on the results. Current microfluidic solutions to this problem involve spatial separation of critical reactions by bead-based flow cytometry, microwells, and micro reaction chambers. Additionally, microfluidic platforms implement precise aliquoting functions leading to improved accuracy and precision, reduced consumption of sample and reagents, and the ability to automate research tasks on one card or chip. The throughput of such lab-on-a-chip devices can be increased additionally by parallelization of assay procedures on one card.

IDEX Health & Science is one of the few OEM suppliers with a demonstrated capability to make complex assays work on microfluidic cartridges. We master all microfluidic tasks from sample preparation and sample splitting to distribution, reagent storage and handling, valve and pump functionalities, and sensor integration. Together with our customers we developed multiplexed and/or parallelized solutions for next gen sequencing, metabolic panels, cardiac markers, circulating tumor cells, veterinary diseases and respiratory infections to name just a few. Our capabilities to manufacture and combine plastic, glass, reagent, and detection components is unrivaled by others in the life science community. As an ISO13485 certified company with over 20,000 sqf of clean-room facilities and automated assemblies, we are your partner not just in design and development of your multiplexed solutions, but also in manufacturing devices to the highest industry standards and healthcare regulations.

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