Improve Fluidic Instrument Precision with Degassers

Reduce air bubble and dissolved gas interference in your fluidic system and improve the analysis result quality with IDEX Health & Science degassers.

Dissolved gases in reagent lines can lead to bubble formation, disrupting analysis results and causing errors in fluidic systems. IDEX Health & Science inline degassing modules efficiently remove dissolved gases from a variety of fluids, ensuring optimal fluidic performance for your instrument. The fully swept flow design of our degassers ensures minimal hydrodynamic impact; dissolved gas level can be conveniently controlled through our adjustable vacuum pumps.

Benefits and Features of IDEX Health & Science Degassers:

IDEX Health & Science degassers

Improve analysis result quality

  • Efficient inline dissolved gas and air bubble removal
  • Fully-swept chamber design
  • Adjustable degassing level

Inert materials offer chemical compatibility across a broad range of buffers and reagents

  • Silicone or Teflon AF degassing membranes
  • PVC or PEEK housing

Simple integration

  • Conventional fluidic ports
  • Compact design
  • Self-regulating long life vacuum source
  • High-level command set available for serial communication with vacuum pumps
  • Newest vacuum pumps are compatible with the IDEX Health & Science library for advanced fluidic system control

Degassing Chamber Specifications

Improve data quality and reliability in your system with degassing chambers from IDEX Health & Science. Find the best degassing chamber for your application by reviewing the data sheets below.


What is the function of a degasser in HPLC?

Degassers are used in High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) separations to reduce dissolved air from the mobile phase solvent. The mobile phase state will aid in the proper identification of compounds separated by the HPLC system, along with the stability of the system flow rate. For this reason, nearly all HPLC systems include some form of degassing of the mobile phase and, in some cases, a separate degasser channel is used to improve the accuracy of the autosampler.

Learn more about the critical functions of degassers in HPLC applications.

the critical function of a degasser in hplc

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