Custom Rotary Shear Valves

How do you simplify instrument design while improving performance?

stator face and rotor seals on custom rotary shear valve

Streamline your complex reagent fluidics flow path with a custom rotary shear valve. Our design team works with you to develop an optimized valve for your system. Using state-of-the-art modeling systems, we design for minimum reagent loss and maximum lifetime. Fully customizable rotor seals and stator materials provide the flexibility to design for cost and optimal performance. Our valves easily integrate into your platform design with the IDEX Health and Science Python Library.

Considering whether a solenoid valve or rotary shear valve is preferred for your system? IDEX Health & Science rotary shear valves provide:

  • Reductions in reagent waste versus solenoid valves
  • Avoids unwanted reagent mixing
  • Zero dead volume
  • Cost reduction versus multiple solenoids
  • Simplified valve control reduces electromechanical complexity
  • Fast actuation speeds
  • Manifold mountable or standalone design
  • Long lifetime
  • Bio-compatible and stainless steel options
  • Flexibility in design with control for 4 to 24 fluid streams to fit your specific application requirements
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations to optimize your valve design virtually before manufacturing

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