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Microfluidics & Consumables

Cell Isolation

Efficiently Isolate and Sort Cells for Diagnosis and Research

Normal and diseased cells differ in gene expression, protein secretion, and other crucial information. Efficient isolation and sorting of cells are critical preparatory steps for disease diagnosis and other biological research. Based on their inherent differences in cellular morphology, cells can be sorted by specific microfabricated structures, traps, or filters. Microfluidic devices effectively isolate target cells from a large population of cells, either by physical traps or biological recognition.

Microfluidic technologies enable marker-free cell separation in a number of ways. The design of microstructures and dimensions determine the separation efficiency in cell isolation. Microfluidic centrifugation isolates cells by size difference. Acoustic wave-based cell isolation and isolation by dielectrophoresis are yet two other technologies applied in microfluidic structures. Microfluidic devices can further be combined with droplet generators that encapsulate captured cells or with molecular assays of captured cells for clinical cancer diagnosis.

IDEX Health & Science has the expertise and technology to collaborate with its customers in order to develop sophisticated solutions for cell isolation, sorting, and all other microfluidic consideration needs. Our capabilities to manufacture and combine plastic, glass, reagent, and detection components is unrivaled by others in the life science community. We are proud to say that IDEX Health & Science is capable of mass producing microfluidic solutions for cell isolation and is unmatched in accuracy and precision within the micrometer range and required surface structures. As an ISO13485 certified production company with over 20,000 square feet of clean-room facilities and automated assemblies, we are your partner, not just in design and development of your targeted solution, but also in manufacturing devices to the highest industry standards and healthcare regulations.

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