Luer Fittings and Adapters

Luer Fittings for Fluidic Applications

What is a Luer Adapter?

A luer adapter is defined as a small leak-proof connector. There are two main types of luer fittings—slip luer and luer lock. Luer adapters are specifically designed to work in a variety of applications by securely connecting a male or female luer to each other, as well as connecting a luer directly to your tubing.


IDEX Health & Science Luer Fitting Properties and Capabilities

  • Leak-free connection to maintain continuous fluid delivery
  • Connect your tubing directly to a male or female luer syringe or luer needle
  • Connect a male to female luer to luer adapters for quick connect and disconnect applications
  • Industry standard luers manufactured from inert polymer materials
  • Luer lock adapters and luer slip option


IDEX Health & Science luer adapters products include:

LuerTight Fittings

Our LuerTight fittings are specifically designed to connect fluoropolymer tubing without barbs or nuts. By integrating ferrules into the luer bodies, LuerTights will reliably hold your tubing in place.

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Quick Connect Luer Adapters

Our Quick Connect Luer Adapters were designed to work in a wide variety of applications. By connecting any male luer to any female luer, you can easily create your own quick connect union or adapter.

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