Rapid Prototype Valve Program

New Rapid Prototype Valve Program

Don’t let prototype delivery and testing delays affect your fluidics platform release. IDEX Health & Science can accelerate your instrument development and deliver on time with our new Rapid Prototype Valve program.

You tell us your fluidic concept; we collaborate with you to:

  • Determine fluidic needs and align them to our product portfolio
  • Assess the feasibility of your custom request
  • Work with our team of experts on valve requirements
  • Deliver concept demonstrations unit in less than six weeks

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Rapid Prototype Valve Program Features

  • Drive speed of innovation, concept to shipment in less than six weeks
  • Select from a broad portfolio of material options, from bioinert to SST
  • Accommodate a wide range of pressure requirements, from negative pressure pull-systems to 1300 bar for UHPLC
  • Design consultation with our valve experts

Our rapid prototype valves are ideal for fluidic applications including protein and peptide analysis, bioprocessing, next-generation sequencing, spatial biology, food safety, water analysis, and environmental.

Why should you choose fluidic valves from IDEX Health & Science?

We have over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing rotary shear valves for OEM instrument manufacturers.

process for generating a rapid prototype valve

  • Avoid unwanted reagent mixing
  • Zero dead volume
  • Fast actuation speeds
  • Long lifetime
  • Bio-compatible and stainless-steel options
  • Flexibility in design with control for 4 to 24 streams

Partner with us to develop a Rapid Prototype Valve