Long Life Precision Pumps for Your Fluidics System

Move fluids precisely in your fluidic system while reducing downtime with pumps from IDEX Health & Science.

Modern applications with demanding chemistry require a high-performance fluid actuator. Our durable motorized pistons enable you to precisely control fluid motion in your instrument. Long lifetime is delivered through a highly engineered sealing solution. With wide chemical compatibility, IDEX Health & Science pumps provide you confidence for your complex fluidic application needs.

Benefits and Features of IDEX Health & Science Pumps:

Handle demanding salt and detergent solutions reliably without extra complexity

  • Abrasion and chemically-resistant sealing technology
  • Ultra-smooth piston
  • No seal wash needed

Easily integrate a high-precision pump in your system

  • Binary and high resolution position feedback
  • Conventional stepper motor drive compatibility
  • Conventional fluidic ports
  • Manifold integration

Enhance your design through customization

  • Custom port location
  • High resolution encoder
  • Valve integration
  • Wire harnesses customization
  • Seal wash sections for highly aggressive fluids
Low Pressure Pumps Family

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