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We offer a wide range of laser and LED illumination light engines to meet your application needs from Next Generation Sequencing, Cytometry, Fluorescence Microscopy, and Spectroscopy in clinical and research environments. Available Laser Wavelengths (nm)

Compact and Efficient LED and Diode Laser Modules


  • Wide range of wavelengths and power
  • Combination of diode laser and LED
  • Built in custom beam shaper with flat-top profile
  • Speckle reduction
  • Low optical noise characteristics
  • Excellent power stability over operation temperature
  • Internal controller
  • Closed loop power stability
  • USB interface
  • Adjustable power
  • Analog and digital modulation

Illumination modules providing extremely compact and reliable sources of laser and LED light with minimal heat generation and maximum resistance to mechanical shock and vibration.

Our standard Diode Laser Systems provide excellent output power and pointing stability from an ultra-compact laser head. This is achieved through state-of-the art thermal management, which improves performance and reliability in harsh environments. Best in class beam pointing stability and modulation.

Custom Diode Laser and LED Systems for OEM applications can be configured for direct analog and/or digital modulation, eliminating the cost, complexity, and alignment challenges associated with external modulators.

We also specialize in custom-tailored beam profiles that deliver the precise spot you need at the point of work, dramatically reducing system complexity and cost — and significantly improving system performance.

Above: Module operation illustration and actual size comparison.
LED-laser combiner dimensions: 103mm x 26mm.

Our process includes extensive design validation including mechanical shock and vibration, thermal and humidity testing, regulatory approvals and certifications as appropriate to ensure robust and reliable performance.

Wide Field Illumination

Many fluorescence-based instruments need to analyze or image large areas quickly — from flow cells and multi-well plates, to the entire field of view of a microscope. The throughput of these instruments, however, is often limited by their ability to uniformly illuminate the full field of view with sufficient excitation light of the right wavelengths. As molecular diagnostics and sequencing find increasing application in clinical treatment, throughput is a significant cost barrier to widespread adoption. IDEX Health & Science has developed a Wide Field Illumination Module capable of delivering uniform, high-intensity output over a large field of view at multiple wavelengths. Designed for drop-in OEM integration, the module may be customized with up to five LED and/or laser sources to provide fields of view of up to several millimeters. Using proprietary beam-shaping technology, the module can redistribute even the most non-uniform source beam distributions to have better than 10% beam uniformity.

The Benefits of Beam Shaping

Beam shaping is a natural solution for these issues, but has traditionally been either difficult or expensive to implement in commercial instrumentation for multi-wavelength sources. We created a flexible OEM platform capable of homogenizing almost any input source profile, with minimal dependence on input alignment and beam shape for robust, long-term performance. This allows us to leverage both laser and LED wavelength availability by combining the two source types into one module without impact to the uniformity and intensity of the output flat top beam profile.

Module Performance

While each module design is unique to the customer, >80% efficiency can be expected for all integrated light sources. Spatial variation of the customized illumination beam is typically <10% when input into the instrument’s optical system, regardless of the input beam profiles.

Above: Square flat top beam profile created by widefiled illumination module.

Module Design

Each module is designed as a drop-in illumination subassembly for an OEM customer’s instrument, including sources, drive and monitoring electronics, thermal management, and power for multiple diode lasers and/or LEDs. The exact number and choice of wavelengths can be customized to the needs of each application, depending on the fluorophore(s) being used and the excitation intensity desired at each wavelength.

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