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Introducing Our Bioinert UHPLC BioVersalâ„¢ Valve

May 2, 2024 by IDEX Health & Science

Bioinert UHPLC Valve - pressures up to 1300 bar

Our Newest Product Offering in a Full Suite of Bioinert Components with Metal-Free Flow Paths

When designing an instrument for the separation of biological samples, careful consideration must be given to the materials chosen to avoid unintended secondary interactions. The new BioVersal Rotary Shear Valve from IDEX Health & Science is 100% bioinert and can be customized to simplify your flow path and improve instrument data and accuracy.

With a ceramic wetted flow path, your instrument can easily run high pressure separations (up to 1300 bar, 18,550 psi) without worries of absorption or excess peak tailing. This rotary shear valve is designed for use with our patented finger-tight, high-pressure MarvelX / MarvelXACT tubing which creates a metal-free connection with the ceramic flow path. Dead volume is eliminated, leaving you with reliable results—injection after injection.

Capabilities and Benefits of Our BioVersal Valve

  • Bioinert metal-free flow path
  • UHPLC Pressure—(18,855 psi, 189 MPa)
  • Ideal for use with proteins and peptides/minimal surface interaction with complex biological samples
  • Can be used with harsh solvents / reagents
  • A rotary shear valve with robust fluidics with low maintenance needs
  • Part of a full suite of bioinert UHPLC components:
    • Film Degasser: A degasser in your path eliminates the chance of outgassing, minimizing mobile phase changes that impact performance
    • BioVersal Sample Loops: A robust solution to prevent the sample from adhering during loop filling
    • PEEK-lined MarvelX and MarvelXACT Connections: Eliminate dead volume, carryover, peak tailing, and peak broadening
    • Bioinert Column Hardware: Reduces unwanted surface interactions while allowing operation under harsh solvent or pH conditions
    • BioTight Fittings: Improved ergonomic fittings that ensure chemical and biological compatibility for low-pressure applications

HT718-242 facing right

PD718-242 facing right

The BioVersal Valve is ideal for UHPLC Liquid Chromatography applications including: Biomolecule Analysis / Bioseparations, Protein / Peptide Characterization, and Proteomics.

Get out of sticky situations and transition to a flow path with our metal-free bioinert valve.

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