Point of Care

The promise of results provided instantly to care providers while treating patients enabling rapid decisions drives the development of the point of care space. The challenge is making these devices small, easy to use and cost effective with results that are consistent with those of clinical laboratories. Those carrying out these tests could be doctors, nurses, emergency medical personal or even patients themselves. Not only that they are often used in varied environments, so reliability and ease of use are key.

To meet this challenge simple techniques like lateral flow antibody-based assays are often used. However, these assays can be limited and the demand for a greater menu of tests and improved accuracy drives innovation. Microfluidics has evolved to meet this challenge with increasing sophisticated consumables that can emulate lab like tests using a simple device.

We help our customers achieve with capabilities that take these assays from sample to answer. A multitude of typical assays steps can be automated on a consumable cartridge such as sample prep, mixing fluid transfer, onboard we or dry reagents, valves and pumps and finally optical or electrical detection. Our unique capabilities maximize assay performance, reduce risk, and enable complete optimization of your point of care assay into a single integrated device.

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