optimize proteomics instrument development

Optimize Proteomics Instrument Development

Looking to pivot from next generation sequencing to protein-based detection?

Proteomics represents a new frontier in life science research applications that will reveal invaluable scientific insights to detect and treat a wide range of diseases. This groundbreaking field is rapidly growing and is now the fastest-growing sector in the Multiomics space.

The time is now for you to partner with an OEM provider! Our team of expert engineers, with over 60 years of optofluidic component and sub-system expertise, can help you lower your development costs and minimize your time to market.

We offer comprehensive edge-cutting solutions for:

  • Critical elements of your optofluidic pathway
  • Consumable microfluidic devices
  • Complete opto-mechanical assemblies
  • Design for manufacturability and reliability

By partnering with us, you can leapfrog your competitors and unlock limitless applications in proteomics. The results will help improve lives around the globe by enabling researchers to gain a greater understanding of disease evolution and progression.

Be at the forefront of this rapidly expanding field, and partner with IDEX Health & Science today!

Partner with IDEX Health & Science for OEM Proteomics Instrument Development

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