Droplet-Based Applications

Droplet-based applications are on the rise and hold great potential to revolutionize assay performance. If you are dealing with nucleic acid sequencing, PCR, drug discovery, antibiotic susceptibility tests, liquid biopsy, and many others, you are already aware that you can spearhead in new sensitivity areas but also profit from improved throughput, multiplexing, and reduced volumes by implementing a digital approach. Gain additional advantages by providing solutions to deal with extremely low samples sizes or expensive reagents while at the same time gaining performance.

The generation of uniform micro droplets and their manipulation is key to unleash the full potential of droplet-based assays. Volume and shape uniformity as well as droplet alignment for image acquisition require high precision micro-features at the lowest tolerances possible. We are proud to be experts in designing and manufacturing droplet-generating consumables with unrivaled precise features at tolerances of +/- 1µm. Over the past years we helped many customers to develop and launch their systems by being a reliable partner who is able to scale up to millions of consumables per year.

Beyond consumables we will provide you with the necessary fluidic infrastructure for your instrument too. Working with us gets you access to one of the largest component portfolios for scientific and analytical instrumentation as well as outstanding engineering services that help you integrate functionality into custom subsystems. Precisely drive the droplet generation, manage reagents, compact your fluidic circuit using manifolds, and many other of our solutions will help you design, develop, and get to market faster.

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