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Intelligent Solutions for Multiplexed Proteomics

Multiplexed Proteomics is enabling major advancements in single-cell workflows---allowing the detection of multiple analytes of interest in an experimental run to quantify thousands of proteins at once. To be successful in this area of biomedical research, you need a high throughput / high-resolution optofluidic system to measure significantly more information rather than just a single parameter.

IDEX Health & Science Multiplexed Proteomics Capabilities

IDEX Health & Science has extensive optofluidic system design and manufacturing capabilities that can deliver intelligent solutions specifically for multiplexed Proteomics:

For optics systems we:

  • Allow for serial fluorescence imaging for rapid multiplexing to detect tens to 100s of cellular proteins spatially.
  • Create source-to-sensor imaging systems that incorporate multiple wavelengths, flat-top wide-field illumination systems, high-resolution large field-of-view optics, high-performance optical filters, and high quantum efficient cameras for low signal detection.
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For fluidics systems we:

  • Develop front-end sample handling, sample prep, high-performance Liquid Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, and other emerging proteomic applications.
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Our knowledge in genomic and protein imaging, multiplexing, liquid chromatography, and mass spectrometry can help you build your multiplexing Proteomics application:

  • We are specialists in processing complex samples across a large range of sample volumes.
  • We know how to precisely image fluorescently labeled DNA, RNA, and proteins on flow cells, tissues, and individual cells at high resolution and throughput.
  • Our fluidic systems are often adapted for online upstream sample prep prior to analysis to clean up and add reagents to samples.
  • We specialize in sample processing and reagent handling. We also can work with magnetic beads, packed beads, and other media if analyses require them.
  • Our imaging systems utilize our Semrock optical filters for even greater efficiency and results.

Selecting Filters for Fluorescence Multiplexing WP thumbnail

Selecting Filters for Fluorescence Multiplexing

The steady advances in optical thin film deposition technology over recent decades have enabled production of high performance multiband optical filters that address the increasing demand for multicolor fluorescence instrumentation. Though there is now a wide range of available catalog filters designed for a large variety of fluorophores, selecting suitable filters is often a complex process. Here we present considerations relevant to the design of such a multiplexing system.

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Companies looking to enter the Proteomics space need a competitive advantage, and we can help provide this by designing an optofluidic system specifically for multiplexing Proteomics applications. Partner with us by filling out the form.

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