Liquid Biopsy

Early Detection, Faster Results, Better Outcomes

Cancer is one of the major causes of death in every country, historically the ability to detect certain cancers in the body relied on invasive biopsies that could only be conclusive after the cancer had already reached a certain state of development. New advances in liquid biopsy have enabled researchers and health care providers to detect cancer and other life-threatening illnesses faster as well as monitor the progress of treatment with greater accuracy.

IDEX Health and Science enables Liquid Biopsy technology with our expert knowledge of precision fluidic delivery systems and robust technologies. Our fluidic platforms are built and designed to handle precious reagents and samples with extraordinary repeatability and accuracy. This allows instruments featuring IDEX Health and Science technology to be used for the most demanding clinical applications where they are the highest.

Our experts have a proven track record for excellence for instrument design for a wide range of critical fluidic applications such as IVD, point of care and Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies. We are uniquely positioned to deliver a complete fluidic system from liquid biopsy applications with complete sample to sensor capability.

Our state-of-the-art optical manufacturing facility in Rochester NY, the IDEX Optical Center of Excellence also provides best in class optical technologies which provide full source to sensor optical assemblies that in combination with our fluidics create outstanding results.

We are committed to delivering instrument level design and components for the most demanding biological assays. The breadth and depth of our technical skills and products, from flow cells, and microfluidics, microfluidics, valves, pumps, optical filters, sensors and optical illumination assemblies, to name a few make us one of the only manufacturing partners in the world that have the in house expertise to design, prototype and deliver complex opto-fluidic solutions for your liquid biopsy instrumentation.

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