Build Your Hematology Fluidics with an Integrated Subsystem

Automated hematology analyzers rely on a variety of testing methods to characterize patient blood samples to identify abnormalities. These results are typically reported as a complete blood count (CBC) and differential cell counting. Analyzers have evolved from simple electrical impedance measurements to full flow cytometers using impedance, spectrochemistry, and even imaging. These analyzers automate multiple different test types simultaneously at high throughput, which leads to complexity and multiple fluidic paths to ensure consistent results with each run.

IDEX Health & Science has the expertise and capabilities to handle your hematology application challenges with custom fluidic assemblies to simplify your fluidics with integrated manifolds, degassers, and precision dispense pumps.

IDEX Health & Science Capabilities for Hematology Systems

  • Precision manufacturing of fluidic channels
  • Simplified fluidic installation and troubleshooting through manifold integration
  • Consolidated fluidic connections and leak points utilizing a manifold
  • Precise and accurate dispensing of reagents
  • Durable seal pumps enable long life even with the most challenging reagents—tested with your application in mind
  • High-flow inline degassing chambers that provide superior fluid conditioning for high-throughput assay systems. Our degassing chambers improve instrument precision and assay quality by removing dissolved gases from system fluids before they outgas and form bubbles that deteriorate precision dispensing, prevent mixing, disrupt separation air gaps, or interfere with any type of fluid contact detection.

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