Build Your Immunoassay Testing for In-Vitro Diagnostics

One of the largest segments in In Vitro Diagnostics is the use of Immunoassay tests in the identification of antigens of interest including proteins, hormones, or other immuno-markers circulating in the human body. Whether medical researchers and clinicians are identifying the use of performance-enhancing hormones, harmful antigens signaling the source of illness or simply to identify pregnancy, the use of immunoassay technology is a popular method in the diagnostic community. Antibody testing performed on clinical immunoassay equipment is currently being used to test for active immune response to SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19.

To scale rapidly and test the number of samples required to aid in the fight against viruses, fluidics instrument developers need precise and reliable fluidics to move the samples and reagents required to perform the tests. IDEX Health & Science is a leading manufacturer of high-precision dispense pumps, multiplexed manifolds, rotary shear valves, and fluidic connections used on many of the state-of-the-art Immunoassay instruments currently on the market. Through engineering partnership and collaboration, IDEX Health & Science can support your next-generation Immunoassay development.

IDEX Health & Science Capabilities for Immunoassay In-Vitro Diagnostic Testing

  • Complex, 5th axis and high-speed machining capabilities to hold tightest tolerances
  • Precise and accurate dispensing of reagents
  • Durable seal pumps enable long life even with the most challenging reagents—tested with your application in mind
  • IDEX Health & Science high-flow inline degassing chambers provide superior fluid conditioning for high-throughput fluidic assay systems. Degassing chambers improve instrument precision and assay quality by removing dissolved gases from your fluidics system before they outgas and form bubbles that deteriorate precision dispensing, prevent mixing, disrupt separation air gaps, or interfere with any type of fluid contact detection.

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