Ion Chromatography

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Whether using Ion Chromatography to separate large proteins or small metabolites, we understand your need to maintain an inert system to minimize unwanted secondary interactions and maintain sharp peaks. Our bioinert, biocompatible, metal-free products allow you to design your instrument platform for high theoretical plate counts and optimal performance.

Partnering with IDEX Health & Science keeps you at the forefront of product development for your innovative system design. Our expertise lies in the application space of capillary IC, ultra-high-pressure chromatography, environmental, food safety, and pharmaceutical analysis.

IDEX Health & Science Capabilities for Integration into Ion Chromatography Systems

  • We have over 20 years of expertise working with biocompatible materials
  • We offer a wide range of products to suit applications ranging from capillary to UHP Ion Chromatography
  • We can customize the design to meet your instrument needs
  • Our engineering design and testing tools optimize your concepts and reduce prototype timelines
  • Our development process enables reliable, repeatable, and high-volume manufacturing

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