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The rapid growth of biologic drugs approved in recent years has led to lifesaving treatments for patients suffering from a wide range of diseases. The complexity of the biologic drug development process and the complexity of the drugs themselves make it extremely challenging and expensive to bring these medicines to market. Pressure to accelerate drug development timelines and lower costs has led to a shift in the biopharma industry towards Bioprocessing 4.0: using smart technology to automate and integrate all process analytical technologies and production steps. A lot of new technology is still required to successfully reach this ambitious end state.

There are limitless opportunities for innovative new technologies to provide valuable process data in real time. From drug discovery to manufacturing there are bottlenecks where analytical data is not available fast enough for real-time process insight. IDEX Health & Science is dedicated to solving these analytical challenges because the development of life saving medicine depends on it.

From turnkey systems for real time antibody titer analysis to innovative online mass spec analyses, IDEX Health & Science is tackling the most pressing analytical challenges in bioprocessing.

IDEX Health & Science has a unique ability to engineer complete solutions from sample preparation to detection. We are combining technological expertise in fluidics, optics and chemistry with deep application knowledge to create innovative solutions designed specifically for bioprocessing. Our experts collaborate with the leading drug developers and manufacturers to inform our user focused approach to solving the most immediate analytical needs in the industry. In addition to manufacturing components, subsystems and Sample-to-answer solutions, IDEX partners with leading OEMs to integrate our technologies into any platform.

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