Increase Degassing Performance in a Smaller Instrument FootprintIDEX Health & Science

    Increase Performance in a Smaller Instrument Footprint

    We Enable Your Progress By Optimizing Your Fluidic Systems

    Through strategic partnerships, we engineer innovative fluidic components and subassemblies that result in optimized optofluidic systems. Check out our customer case study below to see how partnership is the key to innovation for your fluidic systems.

    Customer Requirement

    Developers constantly drive to increase performance and throughput with smaller instrumentation which continually reduces available space for individual fluidic components. This was especially true in a degassing situation where a customer desired to maintain long-life performance and dispensing precision with high-flow degassers from IDEX Health & Science. Our customer asked us to seek a solution that would meet or exceed current performance, but significantly decrease the size to fit in their system.


    Our degassing team accepted this challenge and ultimately reinvented the way we degas fluids. After a serious design upgrade, we introduced our new 500W degasser, based on our same IDEX Health & Science proven membrane material, but with thousands of lumens instead of the typical 100 or less used in other degassers. This technology greatly increased surface areas, leading to an innovative degasser with comparable reliability you expect from our product line, but in a much smaller size. Our 500W degasser delivers a high flow rate and very low back pressure in a compact design that maximizes our customers’ system performance.

    Design simplification was paramount to the success of their instrument. Find other case studies and more information about our fluidics capabilities in our brochure-

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