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Manifold Assemblies

A key advantage of manifolds is the flexibility to integrate multiple fluidic components into a unified fluidic module.

Breadth of IDEX Health & Science fluidic components is uniquely positioned to provide such an integrated (sub-assembly) solution to our OEM customers. Our engineering expertise and years of experience allows us to take a sub-assembly concept from design to production with ease. A wide range of fluidic components can be integrated into a manifold such as sensors, heaters, solenoid valves, shear valves, dispense pumps, degassers and debubblers.

Manifold Assemblies


Key Benefits:

  • Consistent fluidic performance in every single instrument, every single time by maintaining a constant fluid topology and eliminating assembly variability
  • Reduced OEM manufacturing costs and ease of fluidic assembly
  • Dock to stock program with fully tested fluidic modules ready to assemble
  • Improved field serviceability
  • Reduced total fluidic package size, enabling a smaller instrument footprint
  • Enhanced system reliability by reducing leak points

Features and components available for integration into manifold assemblies:

  • Valves: Solenoid and shear valves
  • Pumps: Precision dispense pumps
  • Sensors: pressure, temperature, conductivity
  • Detection: flow cells
  • Pressure drop: Serpentine channels
  • Sample processing: mixing chambers
  • Fluid conditioning systems: heaters and coolers


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