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Single Layer Manifolds

Machined and assembled to your specifications, IDEX Health & Science single layer manifolds enable integration of components and compaction of fluidic circuitry.

These manifolds are produced by drilling from outside the part and connecting all of the fluidic paths. A wide range of materials including all machinable thermoplastics can be used to produce these manifolds.


Single-Layer Manifolds


Key Benefits:

  • Cost-effective manifold solution
  • Broad range of material selection possibilities
  • Ease of fluidic component integration
  • Reduced OEM manufacturing costs and ease of fluidic assembly

Features and components available for integration into manifold assemblies:

  • Material selection: All machinable plastics
  • Typical track width: >0.020" (0,5mm) Hole
  • Track configurations: Straight
  • Track cross sections: Round


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