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    As the world of life science becomes increasingly complex, developers are challenged to build solutions that enable more analysis on smaller samples with easier user workflows. Whether you’re creating instruments for life science research or diagnostics, there’s a likelihood your application will require microfluidics. Our experts enable microfluidics that simplify workflows for assays in a wide range of applications, and we partner with you to develop intricate technology while streamlining functionality, manufacturability, and costs.

    What Microfluidic Challenges Can We Tackle Together?

    We have extensive experience collaborating with customers to develop solutions for fluidic transport, reagent handling, laminar flow limited mixing, lab-on-a-chip functionalities, and much more. Learn more about our capabilities to partner with you to develop scalable microfluidic solutions.

    How Do We Manufacture Microfluidic Components and Systems?

    Our engineers and technicians manufacture microfluidic consumables in class 10k clean rooms by injection molding and laser cutting glass, PDMS, polymers, and PSA to the precise requirements you need. Learn more about our materials and processes we utilize to provide you with highly-trusted microfluidic products.

    What Quality Standards Do We Follow?

    Our Zweibrücken, Germany location uses ISO 13485 quality management processes to develop microfluidic consumables. We are focused on providing you the surface qualities you require. Learn more about our quality standards.


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