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    Point of Care Diagnostic

    Bringing Patient and Diagnosis Closer Together

    With Point-of-Care (POC) we see a shift away from diagnostic testing in a clinical laboratory setup to a near-patient environment providing timely diagnostic information to make quick informed decisions on diagnosis and treatment. Changes in the healthcare industry promote the development of inexpensive and easy-to-use diagnostic devices that provide timely health status information at the point of care.

    Microfluidics is an enabling technology for point-of-care diagnostic devices. The manipulation of small volumes of liquids plus the ability to perform all assay steps, including sample preparation, reaction, separation, and detection, together on one device, creates an all-in-one Sample-to-Answer solution. The combination of fluid technologies, both on the micro- and macro-scale, allows parallel processing of samples, ensuring fast sampling, together with the accurate and precise control of multiple samples and reagents simultaneously.

    We have the broadest solutions for microfluidics technologies available, and proven experience in the collaborative development of point-of-care consumable devices. IDEX Health and Science is one the few OEM suppliers with a demonstrated capability to make complex assays work on microfluidic cartridges. We partner with our customers to create functional Sample-to-Answer solutions with integrated sample transfer, dry and wet chemistry storage, pumps, valves, sensors, and optical interfaces.

    All our projects start with manufacturability and cost-efficiency in mind. Our ability to manufacture and combine plastic, glass, reagent, and detection components is unrivaled by others in the life science industry. As an ISO13485 certified production company with over 20,000 sqf. of clean-room facilities and automated assemblies, we are your partner not just in design and development but also in manufacturing devices to the highest industry standards and healthcare regulations. Our facilities also have the capability of shipping devices directly to your customers from our manufacturing floors, complete with your branded packaging.

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