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    Optimize Your Camera for Throughput and Sensitivty

    IDEX Health & Science offers a comprehensive line of cooled CCD and CMOS cameras for life science applications. High-throughput applications such as DNA sequencing, spatial-transcriptomics, and circulating tumor cells benefit from our high-speed and high-resolution CMOS cameras. Similarly, high-sensitivity applications such as in-vivo imaging, PCRs, fluorescence, and chemiluminescence gel imaging utilize our deep cooled CCD cameras visualizing dimmest signals and reducing sample size and cost of assays.

    • Maximize resolution by matching pixel size to diffraction-limited imaging optics
    • Optimize instrument size, weight, and cost with our pre-existing camera body or customized board-level formats
    • Full body MicroLine (MLx285, MLx695), ML4710, Kepler (KL400 & KL4040) cameras, and IMX-183 board-level cameras (BLx183) available in weeks and ready for customization for our OEMs
    • Enhance sensitivity by our expertise in deep cooling and managing electronic and thermal noise
    • Enhance throughput by precision design and assembly of cameras integrated in imaging sub-systems
    • Minimize risks by consistent and reliable performance from concept to high volume production


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